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Kitchen & Bath Cabinet Reps for New England and New York

our services leave nothing to be desired.

We Find the Best Solutions for Your Business

We have been in your shoes.

Designing kitchens. Courting the best clients. Marketing our businesses through the economy's ups and downs.

Pivoting to keep ahead of the curve.

We have over 150 loyal kitchen and bath designers and dealers throughout New England and upstate New York and the list is growing. Partner with Rave Reps and unlock dynamic, measurable, and effective ideas tailored for your success. Harness unconventional but proven marketing strategies to carve new markets, ensuring unprecedented growth and impact."

Our Services

custom onboarding

Joining forces with Rave Reps as a cabinet dealer ensures a seamless transition. Our custom onboarding process accelerates your integration, providing in-depth training and resources. Quickly gain expertise and market traction, propelling your business towards success in the competitive cabinet industry.

business analysis

Embark on a tailored growth journey for your kitchen design business. We conduct a thorough business analysis, identifying strengths and opportunities. Partnering closely, we craft a strategic blueprint for success, optimizing operations and maximizing growth potential. Elevate your business with our expert guidance and drive unprecedented success.

marketing consulting

Elevate your business with our agency's marketing partners who specialize in branding, graphic design, and web development. They excel in social media strategies and employ cutting-edge automation for seamless lead management. Together, we'll transform your business for sustained success in the kitchen design market.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose rave

  • decades of experience

  • dedicated reps
  • measurable results

  • attention to detail