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Kessick Wine Cellars

Kessick Wine Storage Systems

Kessick Wine Storage SystemsKessick Wine Storage Systems is a national supplier of quality wine cabinetry and contemporary wine storage systems.

In 2004, father and son team Robert and Ralph Bass started Kessick as a full-service contracting firm designing and constructing wine cellars and wine rooms. This transitioned into manufacturing their own wine racking and cabinetry, and eventually, designing and supplying to other wine cellar professionals. 

By 2011, Kessick was manufacturing and supplying wine cabinetry wholesale to the trades. “The industry status quo was so stagnant that we decided to design our own wine cabinetry lines based on the latest design trends, material and market demands. This resulted in our own unique contemporary products like Elevate, Wine as Art, and Parallel, along with dramatic improvements in our traditional Estate lines,” says Kessick spokesperson. Carla Loper, Kessick quality joinery, construction, and fully-assembled wine cabinetry has set the standard for quality and creativity in this industry.

Kessick consults with wine collectors, designers, architects, dealers, and other industry experts about wine racking and storage options, the complex issues of climate control, the room build-out process, recommended building materials and more. Says Ms. Loper “Our objective is to combine aesthetics, function, and sound building science to create the perfect wine storage environment personalized for your client.” Kessick maintains the highest quality standards by remaining a privately-held family owned business. Beginning to end vertical integration allows Kessick to offer a lifetime limited warranty. 


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